If they’re not winning, neither am I.

Do what makes you feel alive.


Go out, do the thing – step out of the “normal”.

Today the question “says who?” Kept crossing my mind

“Your pink hair bow, that does fit a barn “says who?”  Who made that rule? Exactly, I don’t think so.

There are no rules.

Just your own intuitive judgment, you know what is right and wrong, use that as a navigator. You’re not dumb. We all possess the thing. We all have “it”. So use it. Tap into it. Let it guide you.

We don’t need rules or bottles to fit in, as Glennon Doyle said in that one random chapter of her book Untamed I read today in the kitchen today.

Society wants to put us in a glass, just like water fitting into every shape. The straight glass, the gay, the bi glass, whatever. But how about we don’t need any glasses anymore? How about the mold we are supposed to fit in just disappears. How about we just be. 

Do the things that make you feel alive. 

That quote I read (and saved) on instagram. It really hit me. I’m not alone in these thoughts, I knew I wasn’t but to hear someone else with the same feeling and message really struck a chord. I know what I feel it RIGHT. 

This is the Thought:

If they’re not winning , neither am I. ( see latest iPhone note for details)(If they’re not winning I’m not winning.) It’s a collaborative effort. 

If the poor don’t get the benefits, then it failed. Like were all human, I am going to see my friends soon who are in a communist country. It is just a place with a name and it happens to have its own rules. Rules which are decided by only a few people and then people are forced to follow these rules. Well f*** them. 

I am so overjoyed to be going back to seeing my people(we all are each other’s people.) Staring them in the eyes and sharing a meal together; or dancing, or biking, or sitting with a stiff whiskey drink. I am so glad I can go and I can be there. I could cry.

These people are the people I think about when I think of misjustice. We are up here, on our high horse, sitting in a corner muted. Why don’t we talk? Can we please open our mouths? I am not afraid. I am not!!!!!!!!

I’m serious. IDK. I don’t fear them because I know who they are, I know their kind. They are sad inside. They are weak and small. They don’t even know who they are. They don’t know their own creator, they are ignorant to the idea they showed up one day without their dictatorship. Or better yet, without a dictatorship forcing them into existence, it was out of ALL OF OUR hands. You were created, you didn’t have to get all A’s. You didn’t have to manifest it, you became human! Naturally. Yet, you have no idea. You rule other humans as If YOU are THE ONE who gives them life. Who the f*** do you think you are?

Who are you to kill a life you didn’t create? 

Who are you to starve your family on the streets?

Who are you to decide their future fate?

While you hardly give it two seconds of thought to what they must FEEL like, to what THEY are going through. 

Your depleted empathy doesn’t go unnoticed to us workers, We see you, more than you even see yourself. You are fake. You aren’t real. You just pretend.

One day I hope soon, we will stand high and be brave.

I know love is the strongest and I feel it is finally time for love to be the ruler of the world. Not you.

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