Who I am?

Shelby has a passion for equality, empathy and being the leader of yourself so no one else can. She feels it in her soul that we are all made for more and she is going to show the world how.

My Short Story Here

I was raised on both sides of an invisible force that was controlled through the name of our God. The inside and the outside of a religious world has shaped me to belief we are all children of our universe and we all deserve to find freedom and peace within it. My path took me to training horses where I learnt my intuition and quiet observation. By connecting with animals and creating a partnership through being the leader.

We are all leaders of our lives and it’s time we step into that strength that has been burred down and been told isn’t real.

I believe we all are capable of making our own life paths and beliefs. We all deserve freedom in every shape and form. From someone who knows the power of fear and the injustice ways of our world, we can do better. It starts with us and it starts with us knowing we aren’t missing anything, we are whole, and we are complete. We are the leader we need, it’s just up to us to realize our power and use the natural leader inside all of us.

Im here to share these stories and empower us all to see the leader inside of us so anything outside of ourselves has no control over us anymore.


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As an educator, I teach the lessons I have learnt through being the leader in my life with horses.

  • Podcast Collaboration (We Can Hustle Show)
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • I’m Here to guide
  • I’m Here to change our future stories
  • Here to support in anyway I can

How are you?

Let me know – if there is anything “we” “I” can do for you.

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