Our soul is trying to get out – we keep suppressing it & ignoring it

We keep hiding from it thinking that that’s weakness to show our true colours or true soul, our true calling. The thing is, our biggest strength comes from releasing our soul. It is literally within us every single day. It’s there to help us and guide us and actually allow us to become the person deep down, We’re being called to become.

I feel this on so many ways and the people I’ve met keep reminding me that the statements is true.

Our strength is within us, our strength is with our connections and our strength is what we can offer others. We can offer them ourselves we can offer them our true authentic self. We can offer them our experience as we try to navigate life and as we try to uncover our soul. To uncover our calling. Yes It’s messy. We’re cutting the layer of our persona off and we’re getting underneath. To that shallow surface of our of our story, of the things that we’ve been told as a kid, of the stories we continue to tell ourselves today. We’re getting deeper than that, we’re getting to the real true meaning of your existence.

What I want you to do is to take the time to really listen to yourself, listen to your other self, your real true self. What is it telling you? What’s a deep hidden desire that you’ve been suppressing?

I know you have some thing in there that your soul wants you to achieve in your lifetime, what is it?

I realize when you find it you can’t know the how. It’s just the what and the when. And that’s your attribution. That will be you living out your soul purpose. Your true purpose.

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