We are different, which makes us the same.

Connected to another world — another reality. Not mine, but yours. It became ours for a window in time. We were in one reality, sinking into our depths, together. Realizing what this world is made of, the differences. Which it’s opposite is the same.

We are different, which makes us the same.

New thought for this journal:

I want to live and help and make changes. Who else feels torn? I am torn. I have my life here but is it all there is?

I need to divide the pie chart more. I can be more than one big version of “shelby”. I can be divided into many smaller areas. The Shelby who rides horses, the shelby who writes about the world and cares about humanitarian issues, the shelby who wants to help people become more confident and enjoy their time/journey with horses. The shelby who is scared about doing all of those things, the Shelby who wakes up confused sometimes.

She feels alone sometimes but she also feels incredibly connected to EVERYTHING all around her.

She is never truly alone.

None of us are.

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