where ever you go, there you are – a morning thought from the book

In this moment is where everything lives. So why spend any of your time living in the past and the future?

We live inside, are we really living true to now, in the moment that we are in? Are we there, fully?

Interviews are just conversations with others who have a passion, knowledge in some area, explore them. (my podcast We Can Hustle)

God is love, the present moment is god itself. Yet, were being taught that in the future is where love, happiness, everything good lives. “When this happens.. i’ll feel better, more whole more complete, more happy, when Armageddon happens and I live forever I will finally be happy and we will get rid of this horrible planet/system of things.” no way. (my experience with religious and the views thy have tried to teach us)

That is the opposite of what god says. We live eternally in paradise on earth, paradise on earth lives in now. Forever is the now – the “now” of this moment, and this one. Of each breath in and out, is the now of eternal living. Sit and be with “now” and you will be sitting with our creator.

We are one. You are apart of it all. It is inside you. It is apart of you.

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