sad for others, realistic definition, share what needs to be heard

I am living with sadness, not about my Life. But about Life. About others. Their pain they must feel, the lonesome they must bare, the restrictions they are in, the life they can’t control. I get it.

So I have a lot of scattered thoughts, how can I use tech to organize them and make something?

I want to write poems and songs. It’s so fun. No rules, just love feelings emotions and connection to all of us humans. We feel these feelings, let’s feel them together, in our own way.

I have so many ideas. In the morning in my head.

What can I do if I were in a communist country? I could still write, I could still dream and think and I could still share my story. I could become who I wanted still, I could be love” still. I could breathe and know it will work out. I could still believe and have faith. I could have faith in myself – I do.

Why does feeling a mother cry for her adult child feel so real right now? As he told me; it sounds familiar. Why? Where does that come from?

What is realistic? Is realistic worthy? Why realism? Why?

In a world you can be anything, why be realistic. Is that my thoughts in a privileged country? Could someone from Cuba, or India, or Kenya feel that way too? What’s their realism? What’s realistic to them?

I said ^ to this point – Maybe communism invented “realistic” as a way to make us feel our dreams are too far away, I say fuck them.

I don’t give a fuck about the likes, I share what needs to be heard. I don’t care what you think, others think differently.

Right now I am feeling the sadness. I know I am.

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