feeling guilt from my born privileges

“Everything I do, I think of you.” As tears lubricate her dry and tired eyes.

I just see you and feel you trapped there. I see your family – it’s my family too. Since the first time I met you and the other two times after that, I have become a part of your world. Now, a part of me sits with you in your country, while I am here, in mine.

I haven’t felt a whole lot since I came back, I always think of it, but the emotions were not as obvious as they were last time. I did not feel the fire to write after my trip like had the first time. It’s been how long? 15 days since I’ve been home from my 5-day trip to the Caribbean country..

Now that I am going on another short trip for my own desires, I can’t help but feel a sense of guilt. It lightly lingers with the plane ticket that has my name on it. It’s like guilt is a new receipt that is stapled to the corner of all the privileges I have in this world.

The reactive thought of “how can I be happy while others suffer” crossed my mind. This followed another instant reaction of typing that question into the google search bar.

My actions yet, I do not know. I am still pondering this thought now as to how I find and become “joy” when I have the images of my extended family sitting in a tropical jail cell. How can I feel good when I did nothing to deserve my born privileges and they did nothing to deserve theirs? Where is the equality in that? The truth is, there is none.

No one is the same. Look at it like your natural born character or your spirit, you are as unique as all of our worlds populations individual life circumstances.

There is no equality. There never is, because we are not all the same.

The only thing we can do is be there for others. We cannot become them, we cannot change everything but we can let them know they are seen and they are heard and they are loved on this earth.

I have learnt that this is the greatest gift of all. Aside from being the most important thing you can offer another life, it is also the freest! It cost you zero dollars..

Compassion is free. To give love, to give space and time for someone to be seen, it is all so free and so available to everyone, you and me, right now.

I seem to always go back to the same thing. Its like everything funnels down to the same answer.

By you becoming your highest self, you are doing your part in the world. By giving love and compassion, you are doing your part. By being there for others, you are doing your part. By embodying what you want more of in the world, you are doing your part.

Your part is something you should never feel guilty about. Guilt stops you, guilt doesn’t allow you to bloom.

What kind of world would it be if each flower didn’t bloom because its flower neighbour didn’t. No flowers would ever bloom in the scenario. Don’t hold back your bloom. The world NEEDS your bloom. I believe one day we will all be able to Bloom together.

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