please please please

Let my breath fill me with all the ways I can succeed.

Let me breath in, what it is you need from me.

I am willing and able but also I feel like a horse that’s locked in it’s stable.

Ready to go, eager to run but, is just unable.

Please let me breath in the task for me, let me see. Use my eyes to focus on the hints that are all around me.

I love to write, I love to think but writing and thinking isn’t getting me far, where are the missing pieces I am looking for.

Please fill my lungs with the knowing and strength. I need it now, more than ever, as time slowly sinks.

I feel the presence in my heart but I just cannot find a way to start. Being this person is really hard.

I am torn between two worlds, the life I see and the life that is in front of me.

Please let me help and please give me help. I need to see a way through to my destiny, to the person I want to be.

This is my time.

Fill me with all I need.


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