There is ALWAYS Room for YOU

No matter how big someones fire is, they can never take away from your own shining light.

But thats not always what I used to think.

I’d see someone doing something big, or being someone I wanted to be. I thought because they were, I couldn’t. There wasn’t enough room for me.


Thats all you need to know.

You already have it all within already and no matter what someone else does, you are you, and you have it all already.

It’s up to you now, to own it, to own your space you were given when you entered this world.

Own your gifts, own yourself. No one can take that away from you. Your essence is your being. It already lives inside, safe, secure, and full of life.

The question is “Will you honour it? Will you honour you?”

You, me, all of us have something so special and one of a kind. Ourselves. It’s You.

We know there is not a single person on the planet, or in history or in the future that will right here, right now living as you. Do you feel the significance that you hold?

It’s a lot but you are also a lot. A lot more then maybe you give yourself credit for. But it’s ok. The great thing is it is never too late. You have today, tomorrow, hopefully the next, but most importantly, you have right now to make the shift.

To bring awareness into yourself.

To love yourself, honour yourself and act in ways that are deeply true to you. No one knows what they are, except for you. So, what are they?

Tell yourself, why are you special and unique. Know that no one can take these things away from you.

No matter how “successful” someone else is, they are never taking away from your own ability to be so as well.

So own your own.

Remember your breath. It is one of a kind – just like you!

Enjoy your time, it’s all we have.

S. Olyschlager

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