life after death… a letter for you after “this”

I will be ok and so will you.

I don’t know for sure. But I know I will feel your essence again, and while you are on earth, you will feel mine.

But it won’t always easy or clear.

You must get quiet enough to hear and to feel what’s all around you, Because it will be me.

We are all it. We are all connected. We are all the wind in the leafs and we are the strangers passing up by on the streets.

If I go, you’ll remember me alive in your mind. I am still there. You must become alive as well. While you are on earth, you must continue on, fully alive as you can be. Continue loving what you love, love yourself, love me, love the space all around you; that’s where I’ll be.

Look into the nothingness in front of you silently and feel the love inside of you and now, outside of me. We connect in the emptyness of space that is holding you right now. That is me.

It’s invisible but it’s real, just like you, and just like me.

If I go, just know I am not gone. I have changed and transformed, as everything does every day. A transformation, an evolution. My time came to leave the earth but my essence and soul can never die. Neither will yours. We will be together again, in the next chapter of our time.

Feel love in your chest. Feel alive with every breath.

This, is it.

It, is this.

Right here right now is all you have. Remember the past and move toward the future and just know we can be together any time, in the now.

Become the now and love what it brings; You and me, together forever.

Love you forever


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