Looking Out The Window

I look out my window as the October sky lights up – I almost cant believe my existence here, any more, probably, then if I was sitting on a yacht on the outside of Spain.

I look out this window as fog rises, as the light penetrates through the layers. Its coming alive, so it my depth. I feel it coming through my eyes into my heart. I feel the feeling of “this is my life”. Taking a deep breath in to really allow this moment to take up all the space in my body it can. Filling up my lungs full of it all.

I look out this window, low hanging clouds almost look like a horizon of mountains. I wonder, if there is a place in time I looked out a window and seen real mountains that looked just like this mornings rise of lights and life.

The hazy scene fades into nothing but light blue as my eyes wander up, higher into the sky. The future sits and awaits when the haze is gone and the full sun will beam down. Leaving us nothing but clearness and clarity.

I look out this window and I am in awe. I see what is real. I know it to be true. I see our world sitting here peacefully, doing what it does. Rises and Falls and Rises and Falls. Every day, it will continue to rise without much thought. It just does. It just becomes.

Today as I look as myself, I feel a sense of it all being ok. A sense of connection to much more than my window. A connection of being a being on this planet and admiring that gift every chance I get.

Today is special. Today is the only day. The present is real; it is right now.
What are you going to do today to feel this day to the fullest. To feel the same as the beautiful earth; rising and falling every day. Our breath goes in, and it goes out. Carry on that lightness with you. Feel it lift you up and feel it empty you out. Feel is as the natural course because you are it.

We all are it.

It’s time to look out the window and see it.

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