It’s a hope & a vision for the future ahead.

I see them dreaming up a life of their own.

Being free and able to take the god given life they were gifted like all of us to do with it what they want. 

I see that.

My body, my heart feels it.

It’s a hope, a vision of the future ahead.

That is what keeps me wanting to show up, I cannot settle. I cannot be small, I cannot be afraid. We are stronger then we think. WE are braver than we give ourselves credit for. We know what is right or wrong, we know this isnt it. We are here to fight for what we know is right, we come from a place of love, empathy, understanding, NON judgemental guidance.

I am understanding why I have my beliefs. Its from my past and I am finally realizing I control that.

I can be love. I know inside of me what is right and wrong, I know deep inside of me, I am love.  I finally feel how my neighbour feels, I finally SEE the difference. I finally remember that one time, I seen injustice for the first time and I couldn’t understand it. 

But now I know, I see it clear.

Throughout history we have been controlled by these men who’s morals I question. I don’t see sympathy or compassion for another human when I look into their eyes.

I see the typical story we have heard year after year; some old white guy who uses and gains power through the greed that got him there in the first place. It’s a vicious cycle of power that only makes more power.

When will it stop? When will they finally meet their match?

I say today. 

We are strong! We are love!


It’s all about sharing the love, connection, here and here; together.

Don’t forget about your spark you have. its inside of you and we need it to be released!

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