Life is a series of tests — Will you allow them to change you?

Life is just a series of tests. Can you keep your composure? Can you stay cool and can you know you are already fully complete without that thing you think you need or the thing you lost?

Take this, Jesus was dying on the cross and still didn’t lower himself to the standards of those men. He still stayed true to himself. He knew in his heart who he was and he reminded that person, unbothered or negatively changed who he was by the circomstances of his life. 
He still gave love and he stayed pure dispite the horrible tests he faced, which would lead to him being killed. But he didn’t blame them. He remained him, until his last day.

I see people get changed all the time by life. Our relationships with life is for us to interoperate and for us to control.

For another example, relationships. A guy who leaves you hanging, keeps playing with you and abandones you in a smaller or bigger scale. You cannot be waiting around and getting desperate and ruining your level of being because a guy doesn’t like you. It is a test, can you stay pure to you? Despite someone else making you feel less than, can you remain strong and true to you and feel satisfied with yourself no matter what?

Will you allow these annoying, hardships control you? Or will you know you are already whole, they dont phase you, they dont change you. You know if that guy doesn’t text you back, you are ok, you love yourself no matter what, you are whole already and you dont need to act in ways that aren’t your truth. You dont need to change. It’s all tests to see if the hardships make you cold and angry or if you can remind intentional and full of love for yourself and others despite it all.

Don’t be controlled by the things that happen to you, good or bad. Be you, be true to you always and stay full, just as you are.

Don’t let life control you and break you down. Turn you into something you know deep down you are not. Once upon a time you were full of love and light..

Life gives you tests, how are you going to handle them?? Weak or strong?
We won’t be altered by the cruelty of the world, it can be harsh to us but we can’t contaminate our soul because of it, it is no excuse. There is never an excuse.

No excuse to lower yourself to the ones attacking you, stand up for what is right and believe in it. Fight for it. Fight by being pure and by being an example. Stay true and strong to you.

In life, it is what it is…always.

Thats my thought.

Life is a series of tests and its all about how we handle them. Don’t use them as an excuse to be a bad person.

We can stay true and pure and open and full of love despite them.

with love always,


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