Communism Goes Against the Laws Of The Universe – March 16

The Universe relies on Opportunity. How can you believe in god when you live in a communist country? Stuck in jail, where they *try to stripe you from all chance of fulfilling what you are called to be? How can you say “it’s Gods timing, things will work out if you believe it enough and act on it, it will come true.”

To some of us, that isn’t always the reality. Some of us, we don’t have the opportunity to chase these grand dreams because we are fighting for food and fighting for basic human freedoms. We don’t have the means to aim high..not yet anyways.

There is no “mindset is everything and I can do what I set my mind out to do”. Many of our worlds occupants don’t have that freedom.

So how do you be there for them? How do you encourage them to believe? That you’re being looked after by god when there is no sign of it?

The universe works in ways that communism shoves away. Its the same way organized religion makes us believe we are unwhole. Not all of them, but from the experience I share, I felt the sense of we need a savour, we need something we don’t have.. which in marketing, that is the best way to get people to buy into what you are selling. They want us to believe this lie, but as far as universal laws go, we don’t need anything. We are already that person. We are all that person because we are all apart of god.

What goes on in the world, is my business. I want people to believe that there is hope, there is united hope for all of us here. We can do away with anything that goes against the laws of the universe.

Communism shuts that down, just like they do food supply, just like they do daily electricity to everyone in their country. They stripped them of everything, even the ways the universe operates for us. The opportunities to work with the world for our greater purpose is gone, or so they think.

These amazing, loving people don’t see the exit. Because there is hardly is one available. But I believe that is going to change.

I know it feels like you are travelling down a bottomless pit, wondering where it ends. I don’t have that answer. But I know your will and strength is strong! You will wait, you will try, you will believe with all your heart there is another side to this story. It doesn’t end here.

We are stronger than them, we have the power of the world on our side. We can create the god given freedom we all were born with the right too. I know the world won’t stop until it gets there, we are revolutionary. We are evolving every moment and it’s time to evolve these past beliefs and practices into the past. Move forward as god and the universe intended us to, with pure love.

What can you do? Educate yourself. learn about the world, learn about our past and be apart of the change. You are only one person but so are we all. As a human race, we have made big impact, both either positive or negative. So dont be afraid. Make the change you wish to see in the world. Never forget your power.

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