The Power of One Person – March 12

youre one person..

“I just don’t believe there is nothing I can do for them”

So what im one person. So was hitter? So was fidel. They made a big impact and I feel I can too.

Fight evil with love and support. Give out goodness, help those in need. I am spoiled. I can do something. I can give some of the things I have. I have the FREEDOM to help, to get backing and make a difference.

Horses are my lessons. They teach me about life.

Today – don’t rush there. Let it happen. “Let her get there”. I anticipated it.

Now, we seem to always remember the bad. Let’s try to also remember the good you did.

Acknowledge your wins as much as your losses

My job is to use my heart to share stories.

Imagine writing stories on the people I meet there. And say what happened and what it’s like there.

“A journalist. A empathetic journalist”

30 minutes or 3000k away?

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