Opening Your Eyes – March 14

Has my soul been found.

Has it found where it belongs? Is that the destiny we want to ignore but simply cannot?

You can’t fight this feeling.

How can my heart break when I just met you? Is it the idea that you’re stuck and I am here? Is it because I see our time we spent together in my head and want it back so badly? Is it because im scared it won’t work out?

I am heart broken for them. The people trapped. I feel trapped,
a higher up, living in Canada looking down at my Caribbean friends, so talented, so beautiful. All stuck.

Its interesting to know now they all exist. It was like I was blinded. I didn’t know, but now I have met them, I know their names and I know their struggles. I can’t wrap my mind around it still. They came into my life in There, now as I am Here back in Canada, I am still with them in my mind.

I feel for them. A feeling so deep into the centre of my chest. I miss them and I cry for them. What can I do??

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