You are alone. Know it and Use it.

Be alone.
be totally alone.
You know you feel it.
The aching in your heart, feeling you’re the only one who hurts.
The frustration you’re not sure how much you can tolerate anymore.
I am going through it alone, no matter how hard I kick and scream for attention.


I know its only me. I feel the deep sense of me. . alone and it can hurt. I want to cry . Its the sadness our world is being ruined by reality. He was the first to leave. I am again alone and I need to know how to be ok. I need to see the truth I think.

its me. I am addicted to my phone. That person is consuming me. Is that ok? I can’t help I think of him every morning. I feel apart of me is missing.

I dont like it, im frustrated.

There is so much for them to see of me.
i have so much to show, but i’m not given the stage to do that.

Everything Is one.

One flower one leaf, one atom, one human. We are all we have, and we are just one. But we all are. It all can start just from one.

I am one. You are one. We are alone in here. We are all we have, in the end, we go alone. We live in here alone. We are all one. Everything is built up of “ones”.

No one is going to rescue you, you must rescue yourself. You have to take control. No one else can. No one is going to show up and give you everything you need, you must adventure out and GET what you need. Its a quest for more, its your quest. You cannot sit and wait for it to come to you, you must go out and get to it.

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