The night sky

Why does looking up at the stary sky make me sad? Like it’s a big wide world and I am here, you are there.

Same sky, same stars. A world apart

The start sky gives me that feeling. The “made for more” feeling. The depths of my soul is shouting. I feel you. I feel it.

Your message rings loudly.

When you look up at the stars you realize there is so much more. So much more than your own world, your own life. There is something bigger out there. Bigger than us.

We must embrace it. Feel connected to it. Let it ground us. Let it put our days in perspective and let us listen to it. N

Why does the night sky make me emotional ? It’s overwhelming. It’s real.
It’s the realest thing I’ve ever known.

It will never leave us stranded. The sky is here. The stars will always be here, shining it’s light onto us, even though it’s so far away, we still feel it’s presence. We see it.

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