If you can dream it you can do it..


Slow down.

Thats a little too obnoxious don’t you think?

Do you really think YOUUUU can do THAT??

You’re only one person.

Let’s not be silly and get carried away.

Dream yes, but remember little girl, “dream within reason”

You cannot change big things. You cannot possibly do that.

What makes you special?

You see, I see what can be done, I see what’s real. I know what’s within me.

I feel it within my soul, only I can tell.

Its a vision, it’s a dream, that I will achieve.

Drop the limiting believes you are stuck in,

When I am done you will see what can be done.

It starts with a dream, it starts as a belief.

But with time, effort and love, I know I can reach the horizon.

Its not that far fetched.

But, thank you for your concern, I wish I could shrink down to feel it more.

But I can’t.

I am too busy with me, dreaming a dream that feels right to me.

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