How far you’ve come. A Poem

Its easy to forget what you’ve done, how far you’ve come,
But trust me my friend. You have just begun.
You are far from over and you are far over that bolder, that felt like a mountain.

You need to remember how special you are and how you can shine brighter than any star.
You are you and thats all you need to know, just acknowledge that and watch how you’ll grow.
You can do anything you set out in this life, “we only live once” is still my favourite advice.

Now be brave and fearless on this trip, please, for humanity, make the most out of it.
I want the best for you and me, I want us to be free.
Free from man made problems, free from having no options.

We can all get there, if we hold hands and hold the door.
Leave it open for your friends, as we are all in this together, until the very end.

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