One Day..

I can’t make these excuses. I cant sit. What is life for if we just sit in discontentment? Waiting for the moment to come and when it does it is gone just as fast as it came, or so it feels. A winner is only a winner if they won the last race, is that unsustainable to always be a winner then? If the title is only sitting on your last performance?

You are not just a title, you are not just a winner or just a loser, you are a human. Living a human experience and capable of feeling triumph. Capable of feeling love, joy, happiness. Thats an option now. Not “when”. When? One day? Someday?

I was asked “what’s the difference between “one day” and “someday” I said if anyone says “someday” it means it likely won’t be happening, a some day wish is and will remain a dream in your mind. It’s a saying those who wish to believe in the “one day” but live as if “some day” will never come. Some day is a fantasy. But, “one day” is a promise. One day will come, one day can be yours!

Look at the subtle word changes and the not so subtle change of meaning. Let’s choose this day as “one day” Today is a day you can start, you can begin the journey you seek for yourself. Its a day you can change. Today is the one day, the only day that you need to begin the process of your dreams. Do it for yourself. Share love, be love. Connection is what makes the universe, be apart of our connection. Make strong, impactful connections; with yourself, with our brothers and sister and with nature herself. See the beauty, see the love waiting for you. Take it a step further and begin to feel it.

Take time to feel. Take time to stop, slow down, slow your breath, open you awareness and feel it all. Feel your being, see what you see and absorb it all. Let it become you, because it is you. There is no changing what is, but we can change how we view it. We do it all the time, but do you know that? Do you make the conscious effort to see that? To participate in your own reality? Today is the day to start.

Fight for “one day”. Fight for that vision of “one day”. What ever it looks like for you? It might be to love yourself so much that all the right people and things come into your life as needed for your growth. Fight every day for your one day. One day is now. Keep fighting every day for it. Keep pursuing, keep chasing, keep on your process, keep focused, keep it alive. With that, you will become alive, the most alive you have felt. Isn’t that the whole point to this life? Its to LIVE? To Feel life fully?

Feel life now. Feel alive, do things that make you feel alive, do things that push you and make you grow. Blossom into your full being. You don’t even know what that can look like yet, but I promise you if you choose today to make it count towards your “one day” you will reach it.. maybe sooner and easier that you realize. The wall you face might be shorter than you think. To climb over you need to rise to the occasion, rise above the negatives, past the neutral and climb your way into the true tower of your soul. Be the light, navigate your way through. Shine so bright for others. Even in the distance of space, a star still shines our way, make sure you are doing the same. Be the light today, and every day. When in doubt, breath in love. It will give you the feeling, the feeling which will get you closer to your true self and your “one day” life you desire.

We are made for more

with deep love and compassion


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