I look up to the sky and it’s almost as if I am seeing through it. My eyes are wide and unfocused. Kind of like those tests you have to do when there is a sheet of paper in-front of you but you have to focus on what’s behind it. Not just me right?? I cant be the only one.

It’s like you look up and you lose your own sense of focus. You become not you, but you just see a sky, a vast, humungous space in front of you. How can you even focus on that anyway? Thats where we detach ourselves, we become connected with something other than “us”, the who we believe we are. We are now something far greater.

I look up to the sky and I see open, I see space, I see possibilities and life. It’s beautiful, how big it is and how small we are. But we are big enough to experience this beautiful place, we can experience all of it. The whole thing, the whole human experience can be ours; if we desire it to be of course.

We could ignore reality of life by sitting in front of a TV and simply ignoring life going on all around you. Or we can choose to be captivated by it. We can choose curiosity at the “what ifs” of life, and go out and seek it!

I personally prefer the second option. I hope you do too.

with love,


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