Would Empathy solve all things???

When do you take the time to feel others — to really feel what they feel?

We are comfortable in our worlds. Doing what we do, making decisions based on “us” in our small community. Which could be only us, or our dog, or maybe an actual community you volunteer to support.

But, when do you take a moment to see beyond the borders of other human realities?

Would everything go away if all humans felt for all humans?

More connection please! We can have connections all around and just be one big working unit. Like in all other things, we want to support each other, for each other. I imagined a micro web of some sort, when you see the diagrams of mushrooms underground, they all communicate because they are all truly one. They’re so connected in every way and that’s what makes me want to relate them to us in this human experience.

But we’re not there. WE are not connected as one. We actually have an extreme disconnect in our world above ground.

High resolution image of mycelium network.Loreto Oyarte Galvez

Source : https://www.nbcnews.com/science/science-news/amazon-forests-underground-scientists-want-map-worlds-fungi-rcna7899

What makes connections though?

How can we become more connected as one. In order to raise us all, we have to well, raise all of us.

They saying “we are only as strong as our weakest link.”

The idea that we are all created equal stops the second power, ownership, greed, ego are in the way.

This thought brings me to Empathy.

Would empathy cure all conditions caused by disconnectedness?

When I think of empathy; I think of sitting with someone who is going through a hard time and letting them know they are not alone. They are being felt, heard and seen. Empathy is looking them in the eyes and showing them by your actions “hi, I see you and you are not alone in this.”

“ What do you have to give when you have “nothing” to give.

The greatest and free-est gift of all — Love. ”

The reason I love to travel and connect with others from different walks of life is to do just that. I can’t change their country’s leaders and break them free of the life circumstances they were given at birth. But, I can give them the empathy that is already within my heart. I can give them the love and support that we all need and want. I can bridge the gaps within our microscopic network, even if it’s only one or two or three connections. That is something. That is what we all can do.

Imagine, if we all made decisions with empathy leading the way?

What type of world would we live in if every single human on earth felt what others felt?

Of course, my brain goes to world leaders. I see the greedy ones on top who are inhaling our earth to feed their own unsatisfied soul. They are killing themselves without realizing it, by simply ignoring the symptoms of their actions all around this globe. These people put themselves ahead of others and even worse; they are just taking, only in order to get.

They take money, they take lives, they take freedoms and they take hope away.

They try to put themselves “higher above” but what is the point? They cannot deny that they are a dying human just like the rest of us.

It’s time to put the spot light on the real reality that is.

by asking: Is this really what the collective needs? Do we need this society where humans act as heartless gods; controlling, ruling and using their powers as a weapon against equality.

How can we see our future?

When we make decisions; Who is involved? Do we think of the ways on how this could affect someone else — either good or bad? Are we showing empathy to strangers?

Back to the point? Imagine if we all used empathy as a major component when making decisions?

Brene Brown has a quote I always love, it just came to my head so I’m going to share it:

“People are hard to hate up close”

And I think empathy brings people up close.

The task I want you to do is to think of empathy with all your past and present relationships.

Are you viewing them with empathy? Are you really letting them be felt, heard and seen?

Let empathy guide you. Let it bring actions that connect you to someone else. Then, from there, make decisions from that place.

We are comfortable in our little space on the planet. But are we all? Until the answer is yes, we have work to do. And it truly starts with ourselves. Being the leader. Acting in ways that connect us as one. Treating each other how we want to be treated. These are simple principles we are told as children, yet we seem to forget them as time goes on.

This is our reminder and WAKE UP CALL.

At the end of the day and the end of our life, love is what is truly important. It always has and always will be that way. If that’s the case, are you rich with it?

The world wants to love you. How can you be loved?

To love yourself, is to love others.

— S.Olyschlager

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