IDK what to call it. Read what I believe to be true about all of us. Sept 13 journal entry

I still cant help that communism goes against the workings of the universe.

How can you tell someone stuck, in a prison of a country that “everything you have is right now” I mean I get the premise of the present moment, here and now, but to say tomorrow will give you all you’ll need as well? I don’t know. It still doesn’t fully sit right. It’s easy for me to say that being in a comfortable country with freedoms people could only dream of having.

ego.. self, proving, faking, accomplishing, becoming someone, is all ego. Statues’s is ego, being right is ego.

I am a receiver, I will receive what I need to receive.

I think the universe does the best it can for our fucked up human existence. It tries to guide and show us “mans search for meaning” every day. But it can only go so far to healing and helping the complicated, ego driven, forceful nature of our human world today.

How could it be corrected? How can we create a new path to our planet? One that is aligned with the truth of it all?

Making it common knowledge what is real and what is ego. The more people talk about the truth , the more we will come to understand and accept the reality that is.

Whats the reality?

Well, it could be a book, but in sort. ( I know I have wrote about this recently) it is simply that our main purpose is to expand and grow, just as space is constantly growing, it is our duty to follow that and become our fullest self while on earth.

We are apart of something much bigger than just “self” we are all connected to the force that brings growth, change, evolution.. we are apart of it and it is our role to live out the life our soul is intending us to life. We have to rise about the daily human BS and come into the depths of it all.

We have to look around and know there IS more for you out there.

This isn’t the end of your story because as far as the universe goes, there is no end. Maybe your human body will end but you, in your core, in your centre you feel it right now, that is you. You will always have another chance at it. Right now you just are being covered and distracted by all the human worries and social duties to truly learn about yourself to learn its messages to you.

Dont you ever feel like you just get thoughts that aren’t “yours”. Some inner wisdom, some inner knowing? That is YOU! But you don’t allow you to express your true self very often.

We filter, we judge, we go about our day as a single person walking on this earth disconnected to it. But the truth is, we are all connected. We are all on our own path to reaching our highest self. There is nothing besides love in this, there is no suffering after death. That would defeat the purpose.

Love is all there is. Anyone who tells you differently doesn’t know the truth.
There is no suffering after death. Its so simple. We are expanding, we need to do that. Thats the purpose. Do it how ever you can!

Feel in your soul, actually, just FEEL your soul. Better yet, Feel You. The real you, the one who knows, the one who knows the purpose. Feel that. What does is it telling you? What is your grand purpose? What are you meant to do in order to expand as a human and expand as a soul? It’s all growth and evolution, to become more, to become more advanced, more love, more connection, more expansive than ever before.

There is a bigger picture than what we see now.

There is a bigger picture to everything. That is the connectedness. Past, present, future, time zones, its all one.

this is my Tuesday morning thoughts as I read some of

Messages from the Divine: Wisdom for the Seeker’s Soul Book

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