Another Year Older

Why do you feel you are allowed on your birthday?

You are allowed to feel free, you are allowed to enjoy a little bit more of the small things in life. Like me sitting in this beautiful sunroom as I write this. Some mornings I feel I don’t deserve the things in my life, despite if I was the one who worked hard for it or not.

But on your birthday, you feel you can do anything. You can love a little more, feel a little deeper, express yourself because today, in your world, IS about you.

AS I get one year older. I feels the walls slowly cave in on what you’re supposed to be doing.

The “natural” stages of life are passing you by with every year and the pressure gets greater as each number grows one by one. I need it figured out, I need to have it done.. Whatever it means.

Im here to say, there is no such thing.

My message with my birthday is we are never going to reach this apinical/status of “done”. I am a continuous work in progress and always will be, we all are and always will be. WE are never done it, or finally made it. Made it isn’t a finish line. Made it is you! So long as you are you, there is always lifes messy, perfect and continuous plans waiting for you.

Made it feels like a deep breath in and out. A sigh of contentment. Which we can feel now. I know we have things we haven’t done, need to do, need to fix. But for right now, we are choosing contentment. we are taking a deep breath in and a long exhale out, we are choosing peace, acceptance and love for now.

Contentment – I cant change anything at this moment. Right now, my worries, my tasks, my unreached goals will not magically get scratched off the list. Contentment is enjoying now despite all those things. It’s acceptance, and its grace. Its where I am. I am the list. The list changes with you, its evolving just as we are with each passing year of our lives. Therefor, we need to choose contentment or else we may ever feel content, ease and at peace.

big breath in and out.

You dont need to be “done” in order to feel that way. Its something you can have right now. The now feeling never changes, its just a new now.

There is always a carrot dangling in front of us, the pressure of society, with each year, we feel it. But, that never goes away. With each decade, a new norm you are supposed to reach. But when do you feel you can stop and smell the flowers. When can you just enjoy now for all that it is?

Now you can. You can take a deep breath in. Tell yourself “I am a never ending work in progress. Life is not a straight line, and I am on my right path with all the swirles, circles, loops, hills, slopes, I am perfectly on my path. Why do I know that? Because it’s my path and no one else’s.

Today, we are celebrating that. Celebrating all we have done, all we have yet to do in our future. We are honouring where we are right now in the new age we have evolved into. For me, 28 is the new year of Me.

I am not done, I have just begun.

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  1. I love this message.

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    1. I’m glad you like it 🙂


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