Choosing Contentment NOW

We want to feel good with the process, choosing to not be stressed, not be mad, not give into those feelings.

I have lots I could be those things(words not to be repeated a lot(stressed, anxious, mad)) about. But I cant change it at this moment. Right now, it will not magically disappear. It can’t disappear because it’s where I am. Its me. I am a work in progress. There is no “done” moment. There is only contentment. We are at ease, at peace. Which triggers a big breath in and a big sigh out.

Why cant I do it without the thing?

I dont need to be “done” in order to feel that way. Its something you can have right now. The now feeling never changes, it’s just a new now. The “done” the “finish” the “made it” always evolves as we do. Therefor, there is never a finish line to cross because we are the finish line and we are never “done” “finished” “finally completed”.

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