Thoughts of the Elvis Movie 2022

You can be fucking ELVIS and still be stuck, still feel lost, feel out of control, and be controlled by anything but yourself.

The feeling is relatable on a smaller scale of course of feeling stuck “in a bird cage” as he said it in one of the final scenes. Elvis was successful yet struggled and battles with outside control where he wasn’t fully able to live out his dreams which truthfully, I feel ultimately killed him.

He was in a big cage. Most of us are in smaller cages but it goes to show, no matter how big the cage gets, or how much money the cage makes you, you are still in it and your soul knows. Deep down, there is missing pieces you are not fulfilling. The movie Elvis really showed how the young boy with the burning desire for music, lost himself along the way. He did fight and stand his ground to try to get it back, but through his journey he lost the important people he probable needed as support.

It’s only natural that would cause you all the emotions that lead you to drugs, drinking and doing whatever you can to numb your reality. Elvis was a human first, he had dreams. My new favourite song was after JFK got shot, If I Can Dream. Such a powerful song I think our world needs to hear. It’s crazy how back then the same issues of today were already so alive. We feel them today, I sure do. That same message back then, is still needed today. So thank you Elvis for writing such a powerfully worded song that will likely never be irrelevant to our societies.

The Movie itself was long but didn’t feel like as it bounced all over the place and really made you “feel” more then “understand” the whole story line.

It was unique in transitions and I thought really catching of attention the whole like as you didn’t know what area of his timeline we were going to travel to next.

I mostly took away how bad I felt for him. The feelings he must have felt, I feel and I think we all can learn a lot from this story of Elvis. Some people try to become him, but thats not the secret ticket to success. He was a prime example of being the KING and still not feeling the positive feeling we all strive for.

You can work your whole life to be in a bigger cage, but at the end of the day you are still in a cage.

I am sorry he had to go through that but we all can learn the lesson here.

Thank you for all you did and the heart and soul you poured into your music.


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