The Sunflowers

I looked out my window this morning, which happens to be on the second floor and right beside the bathroom toilet. Its funny, I make sure to never my phone into that bathroom since it offers me the perfect little moment to look out the window and think.

I know classy, hopefully im not painting a picture too bad, but I want you to think of this.

Out this window I see a deck directly below, a green yard past it and then black fencing a little farther down that holds our many horses. Its quite the scene on a normal day with the sky, and the clouds that always surprise me as they are never the same and always beautiful.

So just past the deck there is a small, really bad “garden” I don’t know if you could call it that, but its a small corner where a few tomatoes plants are, a bunch of weeds and now a few sunflowers are blooming within the mix.

We never plant flowers but these were plopped in as a seed a few months ago with really not a lot of care or much love. But here they sit, yellow, big, happy and a sunflower!! I just love them.

I realized it was only once a little seed. It’s almost hard to believe that with time, a seed turns into this tall sunflower full of colour and full of life. We want to see them flourish into this final stage of its growing season.

Me being me, I connect to nature a lot.

I thought, what if thats out purpose too? We start literally as a seed as well, and over a frame of time, ours being longer than a sunflower of course, but over time we grow. Our purpose is to do just that. Be beautiful, soak up the environment around us that will allow us to grow and we just grow! We are almost like a sunflower. Started from the bottom, now we are here. (cue drake)

So where to next? What can a sunflower teach you about your approach to the process of a seed to now and to the future? Where will you end up? Do you want to grow beautiful just like this sunflower? Because you are.


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