Did you know grinding your teeth is call Bruxism?

(BRUK-siz-um) just to clarify.

But, it was many years, ago..

I was sleeping beside my mom in our horse trailer because thats what we do sometimes. One morning she told me the news. “Do you know you grind your teeth when you sleep” she asked me. I said “well no, I had no idea that was a thing”. But looking back, I guess it made sense why I felt all this face tension, jaw discomfort, and occasionally weird teeth. It was all because my tension held in my face. Maybe I was feeling angry or something while in the rem sleep cycle(probably..maybe).

After some heavy heavy research this is what I have to tell you about this thing called Bruxism(or something) like that.

Do you do it? well I cant answer that question, obviously we dont sleep together. But some of the symptoms for me were a sore jaw, just as if I was clenching it for hours straight(surprise). I also would have the desire to stretch my neck and open my mouth an hopes to maybe dislocate the joint to eliminate the tightness.. this is horrible advice, im only it exaggerating ok. Another tell tale sign is your dentist im assuming, they were able to see my gum line REDUCING because of it. ya, apparently when you grind your teeth your gums want no part of it, I dont know the reason fully why but it receeds our gum line. So get that checked out.

Now while in my search, I came across some very unfortunate news about this disease we have(lol, disease) ok its not intense. anyways here was my findings. Please take a minute to digest the horrible google searches I came across for Bruxism.

Facial Volume Loss.. ok I can handle this.
ok, it can change the quality of my smile AND make me look older??
Ok calm down google search.
I cannot wait to experience this type of transformation…. like damn all because of a little tension. Whats your reps girl? How many pounds you clench??

So now we know how EXTREME this can be for us, based on the google suggested search, I got some pretty interesting news for our teeth and our jaw line.

But what can we do about it?! Glad you asked.

The BEST preventative is to get a mouth guard! Duh silly. But, I warn you, don’t just use this mouth guard every night. One please try to look sexy while using it, also protect that mouth guard with your life!! Protect it from all dangers, such as your dog, for example. It’s really unfortunate when this expensive piece of plastic that goes in your mouth all night all of a sudden gets a piece of it chewed off.

Because now instead of ONLY being paranoid of SEVERE FACE DYSMORPHIA, I am worries about being even more unbalanced with my face. Maybe my jaw will misalign because this piece of mouth guard doesn’t exist anymore for my hard grind at 2 am. I don’t really know. This is only my story of this term and condition I have which I just found out while googling my condition.. right?

Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

I only share this so you won’t be a looser like me. Know your terms. Teeth grinding is serious and its called Bruxism. Know what it is, know if you do it and and know how to protect your one and only natural(ish) smile. Protect it from your own self and protect it fro your dog.

All the best,


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