You still have time but it’s not to be taken for granted.

You still have time. But you really don know how much. We all dont know when the time is up. It could be gone tomorrow; we could be gone tomorrow.

So what does this mean?

It means to allow the pressure of “we don’t know the future, so do the things now while we can and enjoy what you have in this moment, now”.

Also, use the thought of “I get another chance, my time is currently NOT up so I can continue to move forward and enjoy and embrace and love the fact I am here and now.” Use it as an urgency for action.

It all works together. The contrast of I have time but I also don’t know how much time I have” is a force you can use for the better.

You still have time but it’s not to be taken for granted.

What do you think?

Love you all,


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