Liar. a poem

I’m a liar

When I looked at you and said I love lying next to you in your bed.

I was 80 % sure but I knew in my heart the missing space would be the most forceful in my fate. I had to go, although I never did say, it was you and not me, but that’s a mystery to remain.

I loved you but not in that way I knew it wasn’t long term, but I lied to you when I looked into your eyes, listening to you pour your heart I knew I wasn’t going to pick up the pieces you gave to me.

Your heart sits on the floor, I cannot grab it as I said I wouldn’t lie anymore. I’m sorry to walk away, even though I told you I loved you, I knew in the back of my heart I wasn’t going to stay.

It would end one day, now we say one day we will find the love we were looking for when we poured it out onto the floor, back in those days, when it was you and me. Although I could always see the day when you weren’t lying next to me.

I promise not to lie again.

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