A NEW New Years Resolution Idea For A Better Life

Don’t do what everyone says to do

Now is the time of JANUARY 2023 – things you should start doing.

Barf* why are we still so caught up on January 1st, I get it, a new beginning. But scale it down, every breath is a new beginning. Why wait once a year to “try again” to “reestablish your morning routine” once again.. only to slack and “fail” in 3 months. 

How about this instead – Do What Feel Right For You.

Learn how to live a good life. Learning is great. Learn from others and then apply it in YOUR OWN WAY.

Don’t just mindlessly do what they all say, all the gurus repeating the same thing over and over.

You probably won’t do the things every day then you feel behind and then you quit. 

Sure, take advice, ideas, and suggestions, but please, this January 1st. Remember to Do YOU!

Listen to yourself, and your surroundings. Let the inner wisdom we all possess guide you to your higher self.

You know what’s right –  You know yourself better than anyone on the planet. If you have any resolution it would be to become more you, more of the highest version of you. More of the things that light YOU specifically on fire. No one else can tell you what they are, but you know.

The question is, are you willing to listen to yourself as much as you listen  to the Gurus online and around every corner?

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