A girl in her throne. A story about privilage and bringing change

I sit here. Listening to latin songs sent to me from loves in other parts of the world. We connect through the melodies and the Spanish to English translation of the lyrics. We share so many things in common; like the simplicity of our human spirit. Our souls are down here living, but some suffer more, some face real challenges. All while I am sitting here in my castle.

MY castle called Canada. I am safe up-top in my room with little concern or need to understand the world further. If I choose, I could continue living my life in this small bubble of luxury and privilege. I could turn my head, heart and soul away from those who are suffering in silence. I could let the fear for my safety make me cold and distant. I could stay up here, hiding in my throne, forever.

The throne, as nice and safe and clean and new as it is, is still a cage. I just am willing to stay there.

The loves I mentioned earlier, are not as fortunate. I know that. They can’t open their cages, even though they hold the internal key to do so. The external world will hold them hostage, lock them up and throw away the key. Oppressed of freedom and rights; their voices are hushed and their fire burning with dreams and desires are covered with a heavy wet blanket, making it smoulder. They are underneath. They are at the mercy of the men up top.

As I sit now and as I go home every night with hydro running, water flowing, air cleaned regularly, food, clothing, infrastructure for comfort, growth and the “American Dream” possibilities waiting for us to chase it if we want to. We have options and opportunities to make changes.

Our beds have been made for us and they are made well.

So why do I write this?

Because I am a “princess” sitting in her thrown, I return home to a beautiful house and I realize the privileges I have everyday. I realize I have so much more than my loves in other countries. I sigh* at how nice it is and how much I really don’t need this castle. The castle means nothing for me as long as others cannot enjoy one for themselves. We all deserve a safe castle of our own. We are all deserving of that life. I ask myself “how can I help?”

How can we break free of these chains and these gates that are blocking our human experiences from flourishing into the beauty that it was intended to be?

How do we make that happen? How do we help? How do we share the voices and how can we make changes for the better of all of us?

I have realized is that “How” will keep you trapped, stagnant unable to see the clarity of a future that has been unwriten. Recently I was told “it’s not about how, it’s about when.” Think about that. I didn’t get it at first but now I do.

Since I am here to clarify the messages, I will give you a hint. “How” isn’t as important as “what and when.” Again, “how” will keep you stuck. We feel overwhelmed being one small little human, unsure of even HOW to do anything. But remember my friend, when your impact is positive, the how appears naturally. By doing the “when” now, your “how” will be your next step forward, that is the “how”. It doesn’t have to be the grande big picture in your mind, but just the best next step in the right direction.

With the power of the present moment, you can make choices that steer you in the direction of change, growth, expansion. Choose your “when” now.

Now is the time.

We are all only one. We are all only one. But as we all have been told, power is in the numbers. We are all only one human, but together we are a community of likes. We are all the same. We are all wanting more, we are all looking through our own eyes, seeing our world and the good and the bad within it.

We all feel with our hearts and souls, even though some of us have been covering it with that wet blanket. That doesn’t mean we have to cover ours as well. This is the time to step into your own being. Bring awareness and power into your oneness and your own ability to bring change.

We all can begin to open our eyes a little bigger and let our hearts and souls expand a little further. Let it pour out of your castle and onto others, contaminating everything with love, support, understanding, and just being. Let them know they are not alone. Let yourself grow out of your cage and in doing so, you will bridge the gap. Creating undivided humanity. Form that place, the how will come forth and we will choose now to take a step towards a future we all deserve and desire.

Don’t be afraid. Love is the most powerful resource we have. Share it, share it now. Know your “why” and the “how” will be given to you when the time is right. Don’t give up on yourself, which also means, don’t give up on others. We are all in this together. We are all level, we are all the same.

Thank you for reading.

With all the love,

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