To my friends from far away.

I see you, I hear your cries. I feel your desperation as time continues to tick and you continue to be stuck, waiting, wishing for a new reality.

Sadly that isn’t the case. Not right now. The world is full of leaders who are responsible for your welfare. It isn’t fair. Unethical practices cause only harm to the ones below. WE are the ones who feel and experience the misuse of power, control, manipulation, corruption, greed, the list goes on.

When will the world wake up?

When will we, as a whole collective of the human race, open our eyes. Can we not see the damage we are doing? Can we not see the consumer behavior that has been running and ruining this planet for the past 100+ years. We don’t need it. We don’t need the things, we need right now. 

We live in an eternal, infinite space of time. It’s all we have. Yet, without freedom, your time is being spent on some else’s behalf. Someone who doesn’t see you, someone who doesnt feel you and someone who doesn’t love you.

Why are these humans allowed? What is their Soul Purpose for all of it?

They are so detached from what is, to understand the true nature of being, the nature of life, the nature of existence as we’re supposed to know it.

I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore. My heart and my soul will not be afraid of the ego, the ego of myself or the ego of the villains ruining our planet. The ego that does not define What and Who we are supposed to be. Their ego is the opposite of love.

Where is the love?

Where is the understanding? The empathy, the care, the appreciation, the present moment, the now, the love for what it is the now? There is no destination in life, there is only living. We can choose to live now. Right “Now” is the same as being a millionaire “now”. Nothing changes, yet everything will change.

The true essence of us is constant – the essence of being and living on this planet as this life force that we are. And yes, WE are a force, we have power, we have control… Control over ourselves, our perspectives our understanding. 

Where is your perspective?

Why war? Why hate? Why anything but love and support and growth? Why anything else?

I’m no politician or economist but I see the bigger picture they don’t. I see the importance for it, but at the same time, I also see the unimportance.

I feel people still suffering more than ever, I still feel the world crying as it tries to keep itself alive. Doing whatever it takes. Much like our human body, trying to stay alive is the biggest goal and we compromise areas to protect the heart, the soul, the life line.

What happens to our planet when it is done compromising everyone to protect life? Will the earth crumble? Will it fully exhaust itself of life to fill the pockets of the “men” on top?

The sad ego driven boys who are to big to care. Too comfortable to realize the discomfort of their neighbors. The ones they are putting out pain for their own gain..

Someone help me understand.

I cannot keep quiet. I will say whatever I need to say, I will do whatever I need to do.

I will fight for you. 

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