Connecting to Trauma The World Faces — when will we change?

The world as a whole.. All of us, as one. United but divided. Different time zones, different parts of history – all the same but different. When will the change come?

Who is compensating them of their trauma? You know, they have gone through incredible heart ache. Families torn apart, hope and dreams killed along with the weak people unable to feed themselves or take the right medications, supplements, water. 

I’m hearing the cries, Im feeling their pain, I feel overly privileged here while they are suffering to live there. What can be done? When will enough be enough?

When a death penalty gets approved and we begin a mini concentration camp. Not full of just anyone. Full of absolute hero’s! Full of people risking their lives for the freedom of their family, their worldwide families. These people are fighting with sticks which their government strips them of every fighting chance to create a world better for everyone. Not a greedy self centered world for the one family on top of this communism park they operate. We can do better.

What is wrong with us? Are we going so far backwards or we’re staying still in time it feels like we’re depressing instead of oppressing.

Our humanity is slipping through our mothers fingers and what are we doing about it?

Allowing these few hurt, damaged, scared, emotionally weak people run our country and our world?

At what expense? The expense of our god given rights being taken away by a fellow man. That goes against god and our universe. Communism goes against the natural laws of the universe. Nothing fits or makes sense. It’s wrong and we cannot sit back anymore and allow these self proclaimed “gods” take over the duties of the real leader.

The real leader? Ourselves. Me, you.l, only, individual. I am the leader of me, that is my focus my controllable. You are in control of you, you are the leader of ONLY you. We have to be ok with that. We have had and will continue to civilian rules created to make our world better. Isn’t that the point of laws? The point of prophecies? The point of living guides to follow? We follow the outlines to live a good human life.

That’s all we need. We don’t need communism anymore. We don’t need damaged people ruling and controlling and ruining the lives of other people.

We are overstepping the laws of the universe and it needs to be addressed.

I seen it. I met the people. He said, “write the book” on the first day I met him. I didn’t realize, him and those words he spoke would latch onto my being so deeply and for so long,, perhaps forever. I am changed.. I know it was meant to happen. I was guided to meet him and he spoke to me through the realtiy we both faces. We crossed paths in a natural beautiful way that we cannot explain. In such a way that makes you believe all the words I’m saying.

It’s a natural flow. The process unfolds like a forest grows. No one forces it, no one holds a gun or beats it to submission to grow and obey. It simple does what it does. It’s connected to the earth and it’s role is to be apart of it in the way it naturally is!

Humans are designed for the same thing. I will not sit here and watch the laws being manipulated into communist, dictatorship, or anything that involved a person to control another. Especially at the sake of their well-being, livelihood, and their spiritual, emotional, physical health.

We all deserve better. We all deserve happiness and freedom. If we don’t have that everywhere in our world, we are letting ourselves down. We are ignoring the god, the universe and what it wants our lives to be.

Free and happy, the world is here to enjoy. Our planet is beautiful and occupies so many amazing lives on it. From trees, to lions to humans. We are in the universe. We are all connected and it’s time we start feeling that way.

That leader is no different than the homeless person standing in line for their daily portion of food from a shelter. I am no different from the man in concentration camps fighting through starvation, abuse, and manmade deaths all around him. It wasn’t that long ago. It’s over but it still lives on, through our history the past lingers into our present and we are not over the battle that happened in the early 19 century. It continues today.

My question is, What are we going to do to change it ?

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