Bodies that tell tales

your story.

Our bodies are nothing but stories. They’re our own stories. Each scar, scarp and mark tells a story about who you are. No one else has the same scars as you, you are a unique individual! get it. We all are. Love our story.

It happened to us but it won’t define us. Not anymore. I am in control. I control how I handle the situation.

Thats a piece of comfort in all situations.

sort of.


I cannot imagine the hardships many people have to face in other parts of the world. A life I can hardly take the time to fully imagine and empathize with, it’s just abosulety horrible the things they are living through right now. There is a lot of people worse off than me.

I cant help but always feel a sense of gratitude no mater what “bullshit” I face. I know I have a lot of things I can feel grateful for.


It’s sad, but I stare at my dog sleeping, I make movie frame of it in my head. Its a movie of the past, what I see right now will soon be gone. Its knowing that and looking at life as if it is really leaving you, because it is. Its always leaving you. I see my dog right know, but I know this moment will soon be a memory. It too will be gone.


Im scared because im stepping into a new world. Just because im scared, doesn’t mean its bad for me.

also no money no impact.. thats you right now. Find a way to make money to make impact. That things inside feels right, so why not??? 


Thinking of going on that Trip lights me up, it makes me feel a lot of life inside of me. Scary, daring, potentially magical. Im expecting a lot of memories from the trip. Memories that light up my soul. Memories that make me feel alive,. Thats what i’m after in this life, memories.


So many internal lessons. Lessons we interoperate our own unique way. I feel a pull, a force in me, it’s telling me, it’s there for me. It’s real aliveness! Seek it.


At a race, when I dont feel good, just trust my horse. Usually the running mistakes are my fault, I anticipate and get in the way. Sunday I didn’t feel good about it before hand, I wasn’t feeling the feel I wanted. So, what I should have done is trusted the horse more to do its job, I rather not interfere. They’re supposed to take care of you. When the time comes, trust your partner as well. 

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