To be or not to in life

What is safe?

Why try to be it?

Why not follow your heart? Why be safe? Why stay small? Why not do it?

You will encounter others in your life who want the best for you and the best for them. But hey have created and lived in a world being safe, they want to protect you and be safe as well. The only problem with that is you’re not being true. You’re not being fully alive by being small and being safe. You’re cutting yourself short of this beautiful life. You’re throwing blinders up around your hearts and soul saying “it’s not what’s best for me.” But do you fully believe that? It’s fine if you do, continue being you and living your life how you feel destined to be. But, if you don’t completely whole heartedly believe and feel that in the depth of your soul then you are cutting off the magic this life has to give.

The magic is life itself, its saying thanks to these hands that do so much for us, it’s appreciating your heart and your natural ability to feel love inside of yourself. It’s all there waiting to be unleashed and heard.

Your soul is designed to be seen and heard by you. What are you waiting for? Don’t live in safety, be brave enough to go out into the unknown and walk that path. Leave the small world you have created inside yourself behind. Finally allow yourself to breath deeply down the solo path to your greatest life.

I want that for you. I want you to find comfort in pursuing your happiness.

One response to “To be or not to in life”

  1. […] So many internal lessons. Lessons we interoperate our own unique way. I feel a pull, a force in me, it’s telling me, it’s there for me. It’s real aliveness! Seek it. […]

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