Standing with The People

I visited a Caribbean Island. What was supposed to be an all inclusive resort turned out to include a lot more than just food, alcohol and forgetting all our “problems” back home. I met the people who work there, who live there and I heard their stories. It shattered my heart and I have not been able to stop thinking about it since.

In the way that I felt so privileged and incredibly lucky to have been born somewhere else, due to no reason of my own.

I just was placed in Canada. I have the freedom they can only dream about. Then, they are there. As one local called it “sitting in a living nightmare”.

How much do we take for granted here, in a truly free country? The answer is a lot. They’re suffering massively. All for what? What’s their benefit in all of this? My heart is with civilians. All of us that have to suffer the consequences of corrupt people in power.

What can you do?

For starters all I ask you to do is just really cherish what you have. I know now, having seen it for myself, my perspective has shifted. The world is big and you don’t know how someone else has it. All we can do for now is sympathize and not take our own lives for granted. Support each other when you can, give your hearts to others and remind us all, we are not alone in this.

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